ContraCOVID NYC Team

ContraCOVID is an intranational student-run organization that aims to help Latinx and immigrant populations affected by COVID-19. ContraCOVID was started by a group of Harvard medical students in response to the pandemic and has grown to encompass multiple cities across the U.S. by mobilizing medical students and future health workers in various schools. The NYC chapter of ContraCOVID began in April 2020 and included previous and current students from New York University, Columbia University, Mount Sinai, Benedictine University, and others. Members dedicated the Summer and Fall months to 1) outreaching potential community partners; 2) compiling city- and state-wide resources; 3) creating educational materials, social media sites, and resource network maps; 4) providing internal and external translation services; 5) training volunteer social service navigators; and 6) developing a comprehensive outreach report. Year 2 of ContraCOVID NYC’s stage of operation is focused on increasing community outreach and direct service delivery (both in-person and virtual), as well as ongoing resource collection/organization.