Online resources to support bariatric patients


42.4% of Americans suffer from obesity, the leading cause of preventable, premature death and serious medical conditions worldwide (CDC 2020). As individuals struggle to manage obesity through costly and often ineffective means, bariatric surgery has emerged in recent decades as one of the few scientifically proven successful treatments for obesity. Our nonprofit seeks to address heath disparities and increase access to healthcare through education.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically decreased the availability and accessibility of vital in-person resources, aggressively widening healthcare disparities. In the current climate, those interested in learning more about bariatric surgery frequently have no alternative means of obtaining this critical information. Our free, online education can be the leading resource for the over 40% of Americans who suffer from obesity (CDC 2020) and their friends and family who are seeking to understand more about bariatric surgery.

What we Offer

Our experienced educators will offer a comprehensive preparation plan spanning goal setting, ASBMS-approved dietary guidelines, lifestyle changes, physiological factors, neuroendocrine aspects, and free bariatric surgery education and support resources.

Skills you will gain

  • – Understand how to read nutrition labels
  • – Set an healthy diet goals
  • – Pick up ways to prepare for your bariatric surgery
  • – Learn different types of bariatric surgeries
  • – Prevent emotional eating 
  • – Know how to interact with others who are not supportive of your path to lose weight

Our Educators

To be Announced…

Our certified educators utilize neuroimaging analyses based on brain fMRI before and after bariatric surgery, and are certified by two independent internationally recognized bariatric surgery education entities.

Coming Soon!

Disclaimer - This website and programs we offer do not provide medical advice